It was March 2021, when a creative passion that I have had since I was nine years old turned from a leisure pastime activity into passive income at a time when I needed it the most. My family made a move from another state for my husband’s career, and it left me lingering in thought of what I was going to do. I was a working as a certified fitness and Pilates instructor prior to moving with a desire to open my own studio one day. That dream did come to fruition in our new town but ended when the pandemic shut the world down.

I had my grand-opening two weeks prior to the shutdown with plans of reopening, but that plan diminished as covid cases rose. Unfortunately, I had to close with little excitement about what was to come. As I was able to move some clients to an online platform it was still difficult to sustain. Then one day something that I had no clue was about to happen happened. I began crocheting dolls.

Actually, I started crocheting in the fourth grade. Fast forward to five years ago, I made several crochet dolls for my daughter’s doll themed first birthday party. They were a hit! Fast forward to October 2020, a friend was having a baby and I wanted to make her a gift. Short on time, I knew that I could whip up a doll quickly and that is what I did. Two months later, I posted a picture of my work and people started inquiring.

Then in March of 2021, I had a side business. One person would see it and order, then another and another. I began making money doing something that I have loved for years. Crocheting is the most relaxing gift I have, and it’s been such a blessing to see the smiles on faces of recipients from young to old. Before this I was in a state of dismay, feeling down because the fitness studio that I wanted for so long failed on me. Little did I know there was something more peaceful and personal brewing that I would have never thought to do. Today, I continue to enjoy being a crochet artist and even more proud to be a doll maker!

🧡, Tanesha, Crochet Artist, Doll Maker

The name Two Copper Pennies is for my two copper babies Tommy and Marlyn. A special shout-out to my husband Marc too!